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RASHTRIYASWASTHYA SAMITI (RSS) is a duly registered voluntary agency founded in 2009 and working for the betterment of the marginalized in Pudukkottai District of Tamilnadu. RSS is headed by an enthusiastic woman and is ably supported by Board comprising mostly of women members. Thus, the organization understands the problems of women, especially rural and works for their betterment. Pudukkottai District was carved out of the erstwhile Trichy District. The district has no neither natural resource, nor surface water adequately and the region is semi-arid.

Vision of the organisation

To promote a society where the women and children get their equal share in employment and wealth-sharing and enjoy equal status as citizens and where poverty is eradicated and all live in harmony, good in economy, health and education and where barriers like caste, creed, religion or language do not exist”.

Mission of RSS:

To organize the most vulnerable and marginalized of the community, especially the Women, Dalits, Farmers and other social, economical victims into micro level groups and federating these groups to help them compete and children to have equal right and standardized education. To arrange micro credit and revolving fund to promote new and profitable livelihood options to these people and give them relevant training to empower them through SHGs in this regard.